A Scottish Journey

Deborah Murdoch's work is inspired by the rich history and cultural heritage of Scotland, particularly ancient found artefacts. Deborah strives to create contemporary twists on these timeless designs, incorporating unique ethically sourced colourful precious stones.

Deborah takes pride in using only single mined origin gold (SMO Gold) and recycled precious metals, ensuring that her work is not only beautiful but also sustainable. Deborah's passion for jewellery was cultivated during her studies at the Glasgow School of Art, where she honed her skills in traditional techniques.

Every piece of jewellery Deborah creates is unique and one of a kind, crafted by hand at her studio on the west coast of Scotland. She takes great care to ensure that all her work is of heirloom quality, so that it may be passed down through the generations.

As a renowned jeweller, Deborah has had the privilege of creating pieces for celebrities and collectors alike, she is dedicated to produce beautiful, collectible pieces of jewellery that will be cherished for years to come. Deborah's passion for travel is also reflected in her work, as she is always inspired by new cultures and traditions, which she strives to incorporate into each one of her unique pieces of jewellery.

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