Single Mine Origin (SMO) Gold

Where does the Gold come from in Deborah Murdoch Handmade Jewellery? The chances are you’re not fully aware of the provenance of most gold jewellery you have. The vast majority of the gold used in jewellery cannot be traced to a known source, which potentially gives a negative impact, especially just at a time when we are making more ethical and sustainable choices. 

Deborah Murdoch has decided to do something about this as it’s something she feels strongly about with her jewellery brand, from 2021 all Deborah Murdoch Gold Jewellery will be handmade from Single Mine Origin (SMO) gold.

All Deborah Murdoch’s precious metals are sourced from the Yanfolila gold mine in Mali. This SMO gold is certified gold, it delivers unique vertical integration with an auditable chain of custody for the entire supply chain and full segregation from mine to finished product. This type of gold must adhere to strict CSR guidelines, so it only originates from mines with a proven track record of committed social and environmental responsibility.

You can check where your SMO Gold that went into the making process for your piece of Deborah Murdoch Jewellery came from by clicking on this LINK then applying the batch number HUM0120YF, you will then see the impact from your purchase of Deborah Murdoch gold jewellery and how it has helped create local community projects.

SMO Gold must be mined in accordance with the World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principles. 

The five key themes of SMO gold are:

  • Good corporate governance

  • Progressive employment practices

  • Strong health and safety procedures

  • Committed environmental stewardship

  • Responsible community engagement

SMO confirms that your gold comes from a legitimate mining operation. It confirms that your gold holds no ties to conflict and has been produced at a mine where trade relationships are upheld with unwavering responsibility.

When purchasing a piece of Deborah Murdoch Jewellery you are supporting miners who are being paid a fair wage under secure and safe employment. This in turn has a positive effect on the lives of the miners’ families and local communities who can benefit from the sustainability initiatives in place at the mine site and from residing in a region where legal business thrives. Extensive community development programmes include sanitation, education, health, environmental and alternative livelihood projects.