A Bespoke Birthday Present for Someone Special

Recently, a lovely couple, Dave and Nicola, visited my popup shop in Gourock, Scotland. During their visit, Nicola fell in love with my Oval Green Amethyst Stone ring. As the ring needed to be custom made to her size, she decided to have it crafted in silver, which beautifully enhances the stone's natural brilliance.

Creating this bespoke piece was a joy, and I was excited to see their reaction when they picked up the finished ring from my studio last week. Hearing Dave's heartfelt words, "Nicola’s ring really is something special..!!" truly warmed my heart. Moments like these are precisely why I am passionate about what I do.

Knowing that my work brings joy to others and becomes a cherished part of their lives is incredibly fulfilling. If you’re interested in a bespoke piece of your own, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Creating unique, personalized jewellery is my passion, and I would love to craft something special just for you.

Warm regards,
Deborah Murdoch