Pink Tourmaline Ring Touches Down in Vancouver Canada

Tourmalines are one of the stones that Deborah loves to collect for her handmade rings. They come in an array of colours and each colour has something special about them, be that pink, green, blue or red they always have hidden surprises of light and dark shades running through each facet of the stone making them unique in their own way.

This 18 Karat Gold Pink Tourmaline Ring was made in the summer of 2021 where we were thankful to have the studio to go to and make precious jewels while in the midst of the pandemic. This beautiful ring didn't last long on our website, as soon as it was available a lady from Vancouver Canada had fallen in love with it and we sent it off for her to enjoy and wear everyday. While this piece now resides in Vancouver, you can browse through our jewellery collections as new pieces are added frequently and yours can be shipped to you anywhere in the world.