New 18k Gold Gemstone Rings - Now Available with Lay-By Option

I take immense pride in curating a bespoke collection of 18k gold gemstone rings that is both timeless and adaptable. Each piece is meant to be an heirloom, crafted with passion because I understand the significance of fine jewellery passed down through the generations. Today, I am thrilled to share some news that makes owning one of my pieces easier – Lay-By is now an option for my customers. The Lay-By service enables you to own the ring of your dreams on your terms. Simply email and we can split the cost into manageable instalments for you.

(Please check out the Lay-By policy page for more information).

My passion for creating exceptional jewellery goes hand in hand with our commitment to preserving the planet and promoting ethical practices within the industry. We understand the responsibility we hold in making environmentally conscious choices, and it reflects in every aspect of our process, from sourcing materials to crafting our rings.

As part of our sustainability mission, I use ethically sourced precious stones and conflict-free diamonds, ensuring that the communities and environments involved in their extraction are treated with respect and care. Our commitment extends to the responsible use of 18k gold, adhering to strict standards that minimise our environmental footprint and support sustainable mining practices.

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