Introducing This Exquisite 1.70ct Certified Paraiba Ring

I’m excited to present my latest addition to the collection: this stunning 1.70ct Certified Paraiba Ring. Meticulously handcrafted with Single Mine Origin Gold, this ring embodies the perfect harmony of authenticity, refinement, and sustainable luxury.

At the heart of this remarkable piece lies a magnificent oval 1.70ct Blue Paraiba Stone. Revered for its mesmerising light blue hue, the Paraiba stone has captivated the world with its rarity and enchanting beauty. Crafted from 18ct Yellow Gold, this one-of-a-kind ring is a testament to our commitment to both aesthetic excellence and ethical sourcing. Our gold is sourced from known origins, and we invite you to explore our Sustainability page on the website for detailed information about its provenance.


Paraiba stones have garnered global acclaim for their striking colour and extreme rarity. But their allure extends beyond their aesthetics. Believed to strengthen intuition and awaken the mind, these precious gems are also thought to promote balance between the body and mind.

Here are the key details of this extraordinary ring:

- Metal: 18ct Yellow Gold
- Stone: Certified Mozambique Blue Paraiba
- Stone Weight: 1.70ct
- Ring Band Dimensions: Thickness 2.5mm
- In stock Ring Size: M (UK) / 6.25 (USA)
- Made To Order Size: Please choose from the drop-down menu for your desired size
- Lay By is available

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