Announcing: Deborah Murdoch x Finematter

We are thrilled to announce that Deborah Murdoch is now part of the Finematter platform. This partnership signifies a significant milestone for us, as we share in Finematter's mission to offer extraordinary, lifelong, and collectible jewellery from the world's best makers. At Deborah Murdoch, we take great pride in our craftsmanship and sustainability efforts, and we're excited to bring our creations to a platform that aligns with our values.

The heart of their curation process lies in the careful selection and vetting of each maker against rigorous criteria. This ensures that only the most exceptional jewellery, worthy of investment, is showcased on their platform. We are honoured to be recognised and included in this select group of jewellery makers.

One aspect that particularly resonates with us is Finematter's commitment to sustainability and transparency in the jewellery industry. While the fashion industry has been under scrutiny for its sustainability practices, the jewellery industry often flies under the radar. Finematter is working to change this by fostering transparency and sustainability among its partner makers.

They are dedicated to creating change on an industry level, addressing challenges related to sourcing materials, reducing waste, and promoting ethical practices. By engaging with makers to understand and strengthen their sustainability approaches, they facilitate knowledge-sharing and drive the industry forward. This commitment to making a positive impact aligns perfectly with our own values.

Explore our collection on Finematter and discover jewelry that not only speaks to your heart but also provides the peace of mind of sustainability.

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