18ct Gold Diamond Ring



18ct Yellow gold 5mm round salt and pepper diamond ring with textured band.

Salt and Pepper diamonds are formed deep within the earth, under extreme heat and pressure so most diamonds have small birthmarks called inclusions.  Inclusions come in all colours, shapes and sizes and these are what affects the diamond’s ‘clarity’. The name Salt and Pepper Diamond refers to diamonds with a high presence of Salt which is white inclusions and Pepper which is black Inclusions visibly flecked. These beautiful imperfections give the diamonds an interesting and unique look and no two diamonds will have the same pattern of inclusions so they are totally unique.

Handmade in Scotland by jeweller Deborah Murdoch who is inspired by architecture, ancient artefacts and unique precious stones to create collectable pieces of contemporary jewellery. She creates each piece by hand, using traditional techniques such as reticulation, hand-forging and stone setting. Deborah is a passionate stone collector; she looks for the unusual and the one of a kind precious stones to add to her unique collections.

If you would like a different type of gold please contact us.

Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery as this ring is made to order.