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I obtained my BA in Jewellery at the prestigious Glasgow School of Art, and then moved onto study Diamond Grading at the Gemological Institute of America.

As Stella McCartney’s former in-house fashion model, as well as editorial and campaign model for a long list of industry luminaries - including Burberry, Zara, Elle and Marie Claire – I have worked and lived all over the world, and I have absorbed a wealth of cultural inspiration that reveals itself in each of my unique pieces.

But my heart belongs to my native land of Scotland, and my designs always reflect back to tell a unique story of home. From the towering shipyards with their industrial geometry at the edge of the River Clyde to the ornate heritage of Scotland’s churches and storied streets, the soul and beauty of Scotland is found within every piece I create.


Each piece of jewellery is created at my studio in Scotland and I strive to make beautiful timeless pieces of Jewellery that eventually become family heirlooms. Each piece is carefully handcrafted and has a unique story to tell.

Sustainable and ethical practices are a core value of my brand and all Jewellery is made from non-conflict stones and recycled precious metals. 


Style & Quality

I create exquisite and fine-crafted collections that come from a blend of influences ranging from architecture, geometric shapes, high fashion and even the gemstones themselves.



I takes pride in making top quality handmade pieces of jewellery, using only the best materials, making sure all gemstones and metals are ethically sourced.